Top Ten Scams :: Part 1

  1. The 2.30am gig outside Shelley’s car park. “I’m still on one” said Butler. The police were not amused. It was the ULTIM8 – rave’s finest twenty minutes.
  2. Chris standing for MP in Stafford for his own “Hardcore – U know the score” party. Incredibly, he didn’t come last. This was worrying. It was all very silly and this time it was Mark who was not amused.
  3. MC Crazy Clair is an old school rapper shock! American fanzines joined in the spirit of things and claimed Clair of “Top one, nice one, get sorted” fame – was a rapper from the early 80’s and had been illegally sampled and cheated of royalties. “I don’t even like Sugarhill records” complained the six year old.
  4. Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey will forget Detroit and record their Inner City record in Stafford, we pretended – and then it actually happened.
  5. Geniune Hong Kong police riot tanks were spotted at a garage at Lichfield by DJ Stan of “Devil Tunes” fame. What had been planned as a £2,000 home video for “E-VAPOR-8” turned into a multi-thousand epic. We had scammed our selves.