[ Artist Direct – Altern 8 page ]
Database entry that overviews Altern 8, breifly reviews Full On Mask Hysteria and lists related artists.

[ Back To The Oldskool – Altern 8 article ]
Article about Altern 8 and a Megamix of Full On Mask Hysteria to download.

[ Altern 8 at Centrohd – High Diffusion ]
Foreign site (Italian I think). Small paragraph about Altern 8.

[ Discogs – Altern 8 discography ]
Database driven site that lists releases, remixes, appearances and reviews. Discogs is a top website for information.

[ John McCready’s website ]
“John McCready’s in the house. Nice One” says MC Crazy Clair on Activ 8. John was the press officer of Network Records. I can’t see any information about Altern8 on his website but John was Altern 8’s top man when it came to scams.

[ Urban Takeover – Altern 8 promotors ]
Website for the Urban Takeover record label owned by Mickey Finn and DJ Aphro. Contains an Altern 8 profile in their Urban Agency section.