Music Links


Internet Radio
[ Break Pirates ]
Broadcasts breakbeat oriented music live over the Internet every day of the week.

[ Pirate Revival ]
Mr Nex – Mark Archer DJs on this station regulary. Cutter on Fridays is always funny and entertaining.

[ Sub FM ]
Nice variety of shows at Sub FM. It has a good forum and a nice archieve of shows to download too.

Old Skool
[ Back To The Old Skool ]
Rave history audio archieve, artist profiles and home to the best Old Skool forum.

[ Fantazia ]
Oldskool promoter that started out in 1991 and they are still around today.

[ Jungle Techno ]
Class website including handy profiles and pictures of artists, MCs and DJs. Also has interviews, reviews and Nokia Old Skool ringtones.

[ Obsessed ]
Established in 1988 under the name of Obsession, this promoter is still organising Old Skool events.

[ Hardcore Will Never Die ]
Possibly the best Old Skool website out there. 722 tunes in the archieve and 60 full mixes is enough to keep any surfer busy.

[ Old Skool Forever ]
Includes history, mix tape listings, DJ tips and profiles on DJs & Promoters.

[ Old Skool Madness ]
This site has loads of quality audio. Check out the manic tune “Just When U Thought It Was Safe – DJ Excel” in the £100+ section.

Music Shops
[ Energy Flash Records ]
This shop regularly gets good Oldskool stock and it has a nice Label Tracker feature that emails you when the new stock comes in.

[ Soundbytes Records ]
Nice looking, easy to navigate website. This web shop gives excellent information on each of its listings, as well as including samples to play.

Legends @ Myspace
[ Adonis ] – [ Derrick May ] – [ Joey Beltram ] – [ Marshall Jeferson ]